Mystique Mysterium Jeroboam

Box in natural wood containing a 3 lt bottle of wine.

This Barbera is produced from our oldest vineyards, medium-late harvested, and aged in Allier oak wood.


It has the grape variety features (power, fruitiness, freshness, and dryness) and those of the territory in which it is perfectly acclimatized (finesse, mineral olfactory complexity, and tannins).


It features intense red color, purple and black reflections, and intense broad scents, with cherry, earth, and woody notes (*the name Mysterium derives from this complex olfactory spectrum). On the palate, it is warm, concentrated, rightly tannic, and with an excellent intense aromatic persistence. It has considerable aging potential.


1/3 Barrique, 1/3 Tonneaux, 1/3 Large barrel
3 l


Serve at a temperature of 18-20 ° C.


Organoleptic card