TM Method

The TM Method

The TM method is synonymous with exceptional expertise and procedures in the vineyard, in winemaking, and in the bottle. Limited crops, meticulous leaf-pulling to ventilate the clusters, which are then quality-selected and picked by hand-all this defines the quality of the raw materials that are quickly brought to the cellar in small boxes.

The clusters are subjected to a second quality-selection, totally by hand, just before de-stemming. Fermentation of the must follows, using cultured yeasts. For the red wines, fermentation is started only when the tank is completely filled, and the temperatures are kept in careful balance, using Nectar technology.

For the whites, we practice a gentle pressing and dry- ice-chilled carbonic maceration in order to preserve the exquisite but delicate fragrances classic to the Timorasso and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Any oxidation is prevented by subsequent processing in an oxygen-free atmosphere. Maturation and bottling are likewise carried out under painstakingly-controlled conditions.

Similar meticulous attention is paid to the condition and constant cleaning of production areas, above all of the cellar spaces dedicated to fermentation and bottling, carried out in nitrogen-saturated conditions.



Beyond Bio

We produce our wines in accord with a practice that exceeds the requirements of organic certification: the display of the “green seal” mean that the amount of SO2 cannot exceed 150 mg/l.

The EXTREMELY LOW PERCENTAGE OF SULPHITES over the entire range of our wines is one of the main added values that are the hallmark of our production, a characteristic that has its origins in the vineyards and the comes to full maturity in the cellar, a deliberate philosophical choice aimed at positioning Tenuta Montemagno’s portfolio among the Italian wines that truly arouse enthusiasm, thanks to the terroir in which the vines flourish.

The efforts to ensure that our wines are consistently below the levels of CO2 allowed by the certification agencies to bear the term organic represents our determination to craft wines of absolute quality, wines whose nonpareil qualities can be fully understood and savoured when tasted and which enrich appreciation for their terroir.

“Our vineyards, a precious patrimony nature gave us, we preserve to pass them on intact to posterity”



I Nostri Vini

Thanks to the vineyards’ southwest aspect, their particular climate and clay-limestone soils, vineyard operations carried out exclusively by hand, the sapient leadership of the Barea family, and the impressive expertise of consultant Gianfranco Cordero, Tenuta Montemagno produces ambitious wines that have won their place among Italy’s top 100 wines.

In accord with tradition, harvest, vinification, and maturation all take place within the ancient frescoed walls of Tenuta Montemagno, assisted by avantgarde technology. Emerging into life here and gradually attaining perfection are both strongly-charactered traditional wines and wines that are decidedly innovative, such as TM Brut, a classic method Barbera sparkling wine.


SOLIS VIS 2020 MONFERRATO BIANCO D.O.C. VALORITALIA, awarded by the ACCREDIA certification body, attesting to a total of 79 mg/l SO2.
INVICTUS 2019 RUCHÈ DI CASTAGNOLE MONFERRATO D.O.C.G. VALORITALIA, awarded by the ACCREDIA certification body, attesting to a total of 62 mg/l SO2.
MYSTERIUM 2016 BARBERA D’ASTI SUPERIORE D.O.C.G. VALORITALIA, awarded by the ACCREDIA certification body, attesting to a total of 79 mg/l SO2.
TM BRUT 36 MESI METODO CLASSICO The BI.LAB. agency certifies a total of 62 mg/l SO2.