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Thanks to vineyards facing south-west, the microclimate enjoyed by this area with its clayey calcareous soil, a process carried out by hand, the brilliant intuitions of the Barea family and the expertise of oenologist Gianfranco Cordero, Tenuta Montemagno produces bottles of great prestige now figuring among the top 100 Italian wines.

As tradition requires, after the grape harvest, vinification and refining are done in the ancient frescoed cellars at Tenuta Montemagno, using the most modern technology. This is where traditional wines of strong character and decidedly new ones, such as TM Brut, obtained from Barbera grapes using the classic method, come to life and are allowed to rest for the necessary time.



The Vineyards

This land preserves the Asti area’s most precious treasure. Riches that Tenuta Montemagno display in the luxuriance of its crops. From the same municipality of Montemagno the vineyards extend as far as neighbouring Altavilla, Viarigi and Casorzo. Sight is strained by taking in rows and rows of some of the most ancient and famous Piemonte vines.

Grignolino: ancient Monferrato vine, the wine is characterised by tenuous fascinating hues and notes of dried roses and pomegranate;

Ruchè: a very rare vine cultivated only in a restricted area around Montemagno, distinguished by echoes of violet to the nose, elegant and velvety to the palate;

Barbera: classical Piemonte vine, known for its strength and longevity, for the rich hints of red fruit, cherries in particular. Growing in this white, clayey calcareous soil it expresses its fineness and power to the full. It is produced in two versions: one for earlier consumption, refined in steel tanks, of gentle fruity flavour, whilst the other acquires more spicy tones and hints of vanilla after a long period of refinement in wooden casks.

Malvasia di Casorzo: a rare vine found only in the municipality of Casorzo, this sweet red wine has a unique aroma and, in the best years, is kept to become passito.



The Tasting Room

Tasting of a prestigious wine is not only an instant of pleasure for the palate. The philosophy of beauty inspires every moment spent at Tenuta Montemagno, making this a ritual celebration.

Therefore the tasting room has been designed around the huge window facing west so that the colours of the sunset, so similar to those of wine, contribute to warming your heart.

The view from here, at any time of day, is a landscape that will be painted in your memory forever.



The Cellar

From the tasting room, a row of frescoes, depicting the estate’s cultivated vineyards and the many manors scattered on the hills, leads us to the ancient cellar: a treasure trove of red brick supported by a large single arch, where the wine is left to rest in the most worthy settings.

After the harvest, this where the grapes are turned into wine which is refined by traditional methods with the aid of the most modern technology.