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Vendemmia d'artista

Vendemmia d'artista

Filippo Bragatt likes to refer to himself as a "pop-pulp" artist, a DJ of art who mixes styles, settings, and content in the conception of his works. The locations he chooses for creating and exhibiting his paintings and installations become an integral part of his art, acting as an unconventional canvas on which to unleash his ideas.

And this is just what happened at the Tenuta Montemagno and its barrique cellar, which became the inspiration for the painting he made on the TMBrut pupitre.

With this work, Tenuta Montemagno wished to blend the modern and contemporary expression of Bragatt's art with the innovation that generated the TMBrut collection: that of creating a Classic Method wine with Barbera grapes.

The watercolour study for the work is now the centrepiece of a label and of a new limited-edition packaging that will adorn a bottle that has become the symbol of the Tenuta Montemagno tradition: Mysterium. A time-honoured wine thus comes together with a new idea by means of a modern artistic interpretation. .

Buy here the 0,75lt. bottle of Mysterium 2016 Bragatt special edition.
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